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In civil and industrial construction, Geoscavi performs construction and renovation works on private buildings, condominiums, industrial and commercial structures. Being able to count on an expert and professional team and with the help of cutting-edge tools and operating means, Geoscavi guarantees the optimal realization of each project.

Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, subways

In this sector, Geoscavi uses and coordinates the best tools and skills for the construction of roads and works at the service of roads. He deals in particular with the construction of roads, highways, expressways, railways. It operates in various sectors, from flooring to the construction of bridges and overpasses, up to the construction of tunnels and junctions on main arteries.

Aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and evacuation works

The skills and know-how acquired in this sector have enabled Geoscavi to become the main supplier of various Reclamation Consortia. In addition to the construction of new irrigation pipes for the agricultural sector, the company deals with the construction of aqueducts and sewers of any type. Various types of works are carried out, from works for the discharge of white and black water to the construction of oil and gas pipelines.

River works, hydraulic works and reclamation

This category includes interventions aimed at regimenting the waterways. Geoscavi specifically deals with the construction and maintenance of waterways, expansion basins, as well as all the necessary electromechanical, electrical and electronic systems. The company boasts considerable experience in the consolidation of the structures of the riverbeds and streams, of banks of any type, up to the creation of artificial slopes in "armed lands or terramasch".


Geoscavi is specialized in earthworks and specifically in the modification of volumes for the correct restoration of the soil to be excavated. Thanks to the advanced instruments for calibrating volumes, the company is able to perform quality works, with a margin of error close to zero. It is also able to level and model large plots of land, facilitating the drainage of surface waters and minimizing future maintenance.

Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download